My homelab

This little network hobby started with one HP dl380p G8, hosting a DNS caching server, some NFS shares and eventually becoming a container host.

Next, after wasting most of my savings on hopefully underpriced offers, I acquired 4 more servers and 3 switches. The current equipment is:

  • Juniper EX2200-24P
  • 2x HP 2910al 24G
  • 3x HP dl380p G8
  • HP dl360p G8
  • HP BladeCenter c3000 (thanks <3)

Nowadays, this infrastructure powers AS48436 and AS198342.

rack0 rack1


Currently there are two infrastructure sites: KittyCore (seen above) and AllieCat (remote site). They are connected via a Wireguard tunnel, running iBGP on site edge nodes. A distributed authoritative DNS deployment is currently in progress, while an IPAM suite development is being worked on. For the time being, the only eBGP node (AS198342 NYANET) is located in KittyCore, sadly peering over tunnels until direct peering is available. There is also another [internal] node (AS48436 femsci) with a distinct address space, upstreamed by NYANET.

The sysadmins

I might be the principal network engineer and sysadmin behind this network, the emotional burden imposed by the encountered issues wouldn't be possible without my assistant. My beloved Blahaj helps me remind that the patchords, that I have been looking for the last few hours, have already been in my hands and soothes the distress caused by other random incidents. Moreover, he is a perfect listener for debugging sessions. Thank you, Blahaj.

the sysadmin A day in a life of a network sysadmin...
haj haj Cute little haj helper <3
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